Sep 20, 2023

The “MC´s ROCK SHOW” on RADIO HIGHWAY PIRATES @ premieres on September 29, 2023!

“This is the first time I will host a radio show and am very excited, lots to talk about and share some great music with you!
Now, the first Friday September 29th will be dedicated to the era of NWOBHM remembering the good ol´days of my youth!!
I think there ain´t a better way to start this madness and get into it all ….
We´ll be on fire ….. 😎🤘….. Tune in everyone, you can also visit, chat and text me during the show at MCsRockShowRHWP

Every Friday…..

get ready for the mark cross show…
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…raising the flags of rock’n’roll on the highway to hell…


July 20, 2023

JOE STUMP´S TOWER OF BABEL is delighted to announce that the new album is in progress and the mixing has began.

Mark Cross took the production and mixing under his wings recording the drums and partly vocals at his Studio “The Drum Dungeon” and is currently mixing the album with Greek engineer George Aspiotis at “Studio Aspiotis” in Athens Greece.

Mark Cross commnents: “Finally we made it back into the Studio to start mixing the second album.
It´s been too long and I can say that it will be a great album. (Laughs) What else would I say….. No, honestly, we´ve decided this time to avoid plastic surgery and not sound like everyone else, which means we looked back and took the path of analog mixing to get that fat punch back, which is an absolutely must for our music.
We´ve brought the mix down to an SSL enjoying vintage outboards to make it sound right and realized that it has been decades I last sat in front of such a beautiful desk … the sound man, you know, you just can´t top vintage analog, no chance. Y
And a MAC and some plugins are helpful too, no doubt about that!!

Of course productions like these are more costy, but if you know where you going, this is the way to do it…..”

More updates coming soon ….


May 15, 2023


No, we’re not in Kansas anymore…..

On Saturday, May 27 Greek rockers RISING FORCE are joined by Doogie White and Mark Cross presenting a full force RAINBOW set at the F H-D C E Super Rally 2023 Harley Davidson event, which takes place in Igoumenitsa, Greece from May 24 – 27.

Take your Harley Davidson or Indian motorcycle and join them for an unforgettable night.


December 22, 2022


🤘🔥 The band announced new activities earlier this year and is currently in the studio recording their second album. Joe Stump´s Tower of Babel lifted the dark clouds after the pandemic and returns with a new album in progress to its successor “Lake of Fire”, which had been released in 2017.

In 2021 the band announced their new singer Jo Amore (Nightmare/Kingcrown) and celebrated their first concert after three years at the “Mennecy Metal Fest 2022” in France.

Jo Stump stated: “It was not easy to find the right vocalist and to be honest, we were very fortunate this time. We were of course looking for the tone that matches our music, which is, as you all know a classic rock mixture with strong Rainbow, Dio, etc. elements. That being said, it´s now full speed ahead!”

Drummer Mark Cross adds: “It´s been a rough time for every musician being absent from the scene not being able to play live for such a long time. Nevertheless, we are back and have been working on our new album for quite some time. I guess the pandemic slowed us all down a bit and we are looking forward to the future and a release with new music.”


Here you can see a reel of fan footage from the Mennecy Rock Festival, France from September 16, 2022, featuring: Jo Amore (vocals), Joe Stump (guitar), Mistheria (keyboards), N I c Angileri (bass), Mark Cross (drums).

Instagram: TowerOfBabelRock


Booking & internal affairs:

/ photos by Esther W.Pink.Photographer

/ video recordings by David Amore

/ video editing by Lorenzo Cardamone

[InfinityHeavy press office]


July 21, 2022


Hello my friends!

I have some very bad news….. I´ve lost my 10×10″ Tama Starclassic BB Tom in Coral reef with gun black lugs and hoops and a couple of Shure mics.

I´ve shipped them via a logistic company from Hamburg Germany to Athens Greece, yes, almost two years ago! The only thing missing, was the tom and a backpack or suitcase with 2 x Beta 91, a few 57´s and cables.
I´ve called everyone involved and searched everywhere possible for quite some time and now thought to make it public! Perhaps I get lucky …..

IF someone has seen or found those ANYWHERE, in a studio or a possible past live or rehearsal location, please let me know. It´s too hard to remember where they might have gone.
The Tom was in a 10″ black with yellow straps Hardcase. I remember packing it all on the pallets in Hamburg in 2021, however sometimes one can be wrong.

I´d deeply appreciate if anyone can provide information. I´ve asked Tama if they can rebuild the tom for me, but sadly they don´t use Bubinga woods no more and neither have stock left and also don´t work this particular colour anymore, so it´s a no go 🙁

It´s a one time custom made kit with the old school power sized toms, so whoever found it … won´t match any other drum kit and mine dearly misses it and so do I, it´s my baby !!

Thank you all and hopefully someone will get back to me with good news!
I´d deeply appreciate it!!

Rock 4ever…. And yes, there may be a reward!
Please do get in touch if you hear or see anything…..
Email us here: info (at)



July 18, 2022

Romanian Band Rezident EX announces new gigs, on August 2nd in Timisoara, Romania.
Matthias Lange (Metalium) and Mark Cross will be joining the Romanian rockers once more and promote their last album “Audio Doping”.


June 14, 2022

Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel finally returns to the stage!

After nearly 4 years the band announces their first live appearance since 2018.
With new recordings in progress the 5 members of JSTOB will appear at the Mennecy Metal Fest Parc de Villeroy, Mennecy, France on September 16, 2022.
With the new addition of singer Jo Amore the band sees a promising future and is looking forward to more shows and a new album release. Rumours say that two new songs will be released by early September.
Catch JSTOB live and send us your requests where you would like to see the band perform live!


February 9, 2022

Join us on Sunday 13 February… 22:00-00:00 exclusively on SLAM 101.5 FM Mitilini and Blow your Speakers!
An exclusive interview with Mark Cross about his career and the bands he´s worked with, Helloween, Metalium, The Scorpions, Outloud, Firewind, Kingdom Come and the Vivaldi Metal Project and of course his future plans with Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel, God’s Army and Ocean’s Eye.

Stay tuned on:


October 2, 2021


God´s Army proudly announces their third album/CD release on October 2nd, 2021


Another masterpiece by this power trio. We can add that the band travelled musically thru classic hard rock and metal, met the progressive side of things and also states their political point of view and facing two difficult years during the pandemic.



FTWCTP Records 2021


God´s Army on Band Camp 2021

Track listing:

1. New Assassin
2. Lost In Translation
3. Easy Come, Easy Go
4. Midsummer’s Eve (Hail To The Sun)
5. Warriors Of The Wasteland
6. I Want More!
7. Kindred Spirits
8. The Path Of Silence

Drums recorded at Drum Dungeon Studios Hamburg, DE 2019
Bass and vocals recorded at GA´s Studio Duisburg, DE
Guitars and backing vocals recorded in Cork, IRE

Mixed and produced by John ABC Smith
Mastered at Lia sound


June 23, 2021


Irish, English rock ensemble “God´s Army” announces the release of their new album “WARRIORS OF THE WASTELAND” for October 2nd, 2021 FTWCTP Records.

Today the first video and single with the title “KINDRED SPIRITS” has been released on YouTube.

Watch it HERE….


August 3, 2020


” Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel “ is excited to announce their new singer Jo Amore (Kingcrown, ex Nightmare). Jo has an exceptional voice, that fits perfectly into JSTOB´s music.

The band said they´ll soon start working on new songs in the studio. Furthermore JSTOB signed with French booking agent “Rock City – Booking Agency! 

Stay tuned on the official sites of JSTOB: and


June 15, 2020

Drum recording video for the Vivaldi Metal Project. 

A final cut of the session showing Mark in action.


May 16, 2020

Drum recording trailer of Mark with the Vivaldi Metal project!

Vivaldi Metal Project once again features Mark on their second album.
He just completed his awesome drum recording session in May 2020.
In this video a few words from Mark himself, a small tour in the studio introducing the staff at Sierra Studios (Greece) and his drum kit. A play-through video will come very soon, stay tuned!

 You can pre-order (and support) our new album together with exclusive prizes at


February 20, 2020

Great News!!

THE FUZES (A tribute to Jimi Hendrix) announce new gigs in Sweden in March.

26.03.20 “TBC” Gothenburg, SE (postponed due to Covid 19)
27.03.20 “HARD ROCK CAFE” Gothenburg, SE (postponed due to Covid 19)
28.03.20 “TBC” Gothenburg, SE (postponed due to Covid 19)


February 2, 2020

Great news!

We are very excited to have Apollo (ex Firewind, Spiritual Beggars) singer and bassist Gus Macricostas (Biff Byford) on board and now welcome the talented Bill Hudson on guitar to the OE family.

Bill is known for working with Trans Siberian Orchestra, Dirkschneider, I am Morbid,  Doro a.o. He also released his first album with his band Northtale in 2019.

Mark added: “ Bill is a longtime friend and we´ve first met and worked on some of his songs together in 2004 in Brazil. I am more than happy to work with him again after so many years and know that this will just sound awesome having him and his magnificent guitar playing on board!

Welcome to the “Ocean´s Eye clan” Bill!”

Stay tuned and visit our social media pages for further updates and upcoming tourdates!

Ocean´s Eye social media:

Official Facebook page:
Official Instagram: the_oceanseye
Official Twitter:
Official Mark Cross site:



January 19, 2020

Namm Show 2020, Anaheim CA update!

I am very happy to have joined the Jerry Harvey Audio family.
New in ear monitoring underway …. From now on I´ll be working with the massive sounding “Roxanne” model. Simply irresistable!


January 11, 2020

A quick update! 

Mark will be drumming at “METALWORK´s”Maximum Rock  on Sunday, January 12th, featturing the mighty Dan Stevens on Guitar (Inglorious) and Gus Macricostas on Bass  (Biff Byford) ……


January 10, 2020

“RISING FROM THE DEEP” announce new UK dates in 2020. 
(all dates postponed due to Covid 19)

Mark stated: “It´s great to be part of this great band and play some old Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake stuff for you. 
After all, this music has carved our stone and it´s always been a pleasure to be involved playing that music, since my collaboration with Ian Gillan in 1993……. that would be 26 years ago? My god!!” 

10.01.20 “The Rigger” Stoke on Trent, UK
09.04.20 “The Grampian Club” Corby, UK
10.04.20 “The Station” Cannock, UK
11.04.20 “The Neon” Newport, UK
12.04.20 “Hangar 18” Swansea, UK
22.05.20 “Epic Studios” Norwich, UK
23.05.20 “Newark Beer Festival” 11.06.20 “Ivory Blacks” Glasgow, UK
29.05.20 “SK Bar” Brentwood, UK
30.05.20 “The Rhonda Hotel” Swansea, UK
11.12.20 “Ivory Blacks” Glasgow, UK
12.06.20 “Bannermann´s Bar” Edinburgh, UK
13.06.20 “Trillians” Newcastle, UK
07.08.20 “O´Rileys” Kingston upon Hull, UK 
08.08.20 “Cutler´s Arms” Rotherham, UK
09.08.20 “King Billy Rock Bar” Northampton, UK
09.12.20 “The Carlisle” Hastings, UK

more dates tba soon …..


January 8, 2020

WOLPAKK release their debut video of “Lone Ranger” from the forthcoming album “Nature strikes back”, featuring Mark on the video and recording.

The album will be released by Massacre Records on January 24, 2020.

View the video HERE


January 4, 2020

RISING FRON THE DEEP announce another show at “The Rigger” in Newcastle under Lyme, UK on January 10, 2020.

Click on the event HERE


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! 


December 23, 2019


As previously stated, Mark Cross launches a new adventure. 
With former band mates he presents a “Best of …..” live concept featuring music of the bands he has worked with, as well as new material. 
Tour dates are planned for 2020.

Mark says: “It is a *Mark Cross & Friends* thing, yes, but calling it like that, sounds too cheesy. I am a band guy and not really the solo artist running an ego trip, know what I mean? We´re a bunch of old band mates and everyone deserves a piece of the cake and decided to go with a band name…… OCEAN´S EYE!

And where does Ocean´s Eye come from? “Ah yes… of my passions is diving and last summer, I fished out a nice big mussel shell on the island of Evia, Greece  and there it was hiding inside, that beautiful orange eye-shaped gem! A greek fisherman said it´s called “Mati tis Thalassas”, which means ocean´s eye. Make sense? Perfection and beauty ….. guess I found a new necklace!

I am also very proud to announce that I´ll be working again with Apollo, Firewind´s former singer (also Spiritual Beggars), who will take over the vocal duties whenever he is available. He´s a fantastic singer and frontman,. The perfect choice for us and exactly what the fans deserve.
On bass duties, the position goes to London based Mr. Gus Macricostas. For all Saxon fans, Gus filled in for Nibbs Carter in 2016 and played the bass on Biff Byford´s recently released solo album “School of hard knocks”.

I am very pleased to re-unite with both of them. Apollo and I have spent the most important years in Firewind together and with Gus we´ve played in bands back in the 90´s and London based band “Metalworks” since 2012. Metalworks also featured Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest) and Davey Rimmer (Uriah Heep). 
It’s all shaping up nicely and I will announce more musicians involved very soon.

Live we will slam a set featuring music of my time in Helloween, Firewind, Metalium, Kingdom Come a.o., just to name a few, and also some of my new material, which I am recording at the moment.”

In the new year we will announce our first tour dates and the rest of the band!

Official FB page:
Official Instagram: the_oceanseye
Official Twitter:
Official website: (coming soon)


December 1, 2019

Legendary Romanian rock band RezidentEX returns for one show to Timisoara on December 28. 

Mark added: “After spending almost 4 years with RezidentEX, the time has come to play for you again this Christmas.
We´ll bring a bit of rock´n roll to the great city of Timisoara…… See you there. 
Merry rockin´Christmas to ya all!”


November 24, 2019

The cat is out the bag.. December 14th at The Neon in Newport, Wales, UK. 
Rising From The Deep with support from our good friends Beyond Priest. 7pm till late. 
A VERY Metal Xmas! Please check the link for tickets.


November 23, 2019


Wolpakk´s new album coming your way…… Among the league of great musicians, Mark laid down drums on the song “Lone Ranger”, featuring the magnificent Michael Borman on vocals!!

Wolfpakk (heavy metal) just released all the information about their next album.
It is called “Nature strikes back” and will be released on January 24 via MASSACRE RECORDS.


November 15, 2019

“The Fuzes”, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix announce another gig in Gothenburg, Sweden on November 28 at the “Viva Bar”.
Don´t miss this magnificent talented trio “The Fuzes”! Ah yes, they´ve also got their own beer brand….

click here…..  The Fuzes live at the “Viva Bar” 


October 20, 2019

“The Fuzes” a tribute to Jimi Hendrix featuring, Martin Dagger (Guitar/Vocals); Magnus Rosen /Bass) and Mark Cross (Drums) will play their debut show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Gothenburg, Sweden on November 14.
Avaliable tickets directly at the HRC.

HRC Gothenburg
Kungsportsavenyn 10
41136 Gotheburg, SEP: +46 31 10 23 30
W: HRC Gothenburg


October 2, 2019


Pure creativity!

Best known for working with the rock bands Firewind, Tainted Nation and filling in for the Scorpions at the Grand Prix in Bahrain on 5thApril 2014, Mark Cross, groovy and hard-hitting veteran drummer launches a new adventure.

The line-up is selected from the league of past band mates, a powerful team of world class players to represent Mark´s work; a ‘best of works’ from his collaborations with bands and artists on stage and in the studio, past to present, with a perfect setlist for a spectacular show.

Mark says:  “This whole thing is brand new and has already gained great feedback. In brief, after a long pause it is time to get back on stage and play for ya!

Playing music live nowadays means so much more than burning thousands of pounds for recording and throwing a new production on the market that never really reaches the masses. 

This show is not only about drumming, of course it plays a major role, but is mainly focused on the music, good playing and performance. Every involved musician´s talent will make this a great sounding and unforgettable experience.

It is great to work with top musicians, who have also been involved with all these bands and projects.

A very versatile set indeed with many surprises.
Soon I will let you all know the line-up and name of the band!
Horns and thumbs up boys and girls ….. ”

Source by Gordeon Music Promotion


Official FB page:
Official Instagram: markcrossdrums
Official twitter:
Official website:


September 6, 2019

Vivaldi Metal Project is excited to announce the release of “THE FOUR SEASONS – LIVE CONCERT PREMIERES 2018” DVD boxed set! This special feature is now available for PRE-ORDER!

This is a LIMITED EDITION set, with only 300 copies available!

When you pre-order your copy, you will receive 1 DVD and 2 CDs, highlighting our exciting performances from Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Avezzano (Italy) and Kitee (Finland).

The official release date is set for November 29th 2019, by Sifare Music Publishing.

Visit to pre-order your copy now! 

Abigail Stahlschmidt – Angel Wolf – Black – Dimitar Belchev – Katerina Simeonova – Ida Elena – Nicoletta Rosellini – Official – Tsena Stefanova Kercheva – Leonardo Porcheddu – Michele “Dr.Viossy” Vioni – Official– Quentin Cornet – Dino Fiorenza – Joonas Tuuri – Musician – Mark Cross

NINE LIVES Entertainment – Chiara Pellegrini
Radio Tangra Mega Rock – Vassil Varbanov
PHM Events – Diego Fiordigigli – Chiara Masciovecchio
Kitee International Music and Art Festival – Plamen Dimov
Artesonika Recording Studio – FLAREvideo Produzioni


September 4, 2019


Tower of Babel are back!! 

After a long pause and silence we’ve decided to get busy again and started writing and recording a second album.
We’ve all been very busy throughout the year with other projects, Joe with Alcatrazz, Mark and Mistheria with the Vivaldi Metal Project and MC´s God´s Army and his Studio, Nic with Vanishing Signs and his Jazz projects and Ruben with his bands and shows.

Now the time has come and we’re absolutely stoked to get back in the game with a new album and play shows in the nearest future.

Stay tuned, more news coming soon …….



August 10, 2019

Mark gave an exclusive interview about drumming and features in “Greek Metal Drummers”!


May 14

Here is one of Mark´s latest participations and Studio recordings on the debut Album for “VANISHING SIGNS”, a great Band and creation of Neil Ottupacca, former Hammond master of Swiss Rock Gods Gotthard.

This is a massive sounding Album with great Music, performed by an extraordinary league of Musicians and a killer singer! 
For all AOR and Classic rock Fans…….. This Album is first class!!

Get yourselves a hardcopy by the end of the month or purchase digital on Amazon or iTunes!

Vanishing Signs on  FACEBOOK


March 27

God´s Army have secured their second show in Belgium once again at the THE RAGANROK LIVE CLUB in Bree supporting their second Album release “Demoncracy”.

Click here for the event …..


March 25

Thank you Bulgaria!
IT’S BEEN AN EPIC NIGHT!! Here’s a first gallery from the concert in Sofia on March 22.
. Thanks to everyone who attended our show at “Mixtape 5”, you were AMAZING!! 

Thanks to: Vassil Varbanov and staff at Radio Tangra Mega Rock for inviting us and the great organization; Vasko Raykov for stage sound and direction; our sound engineer Desislav Velchev; “Mixtape 5” for hosting us; Alexander Kalanov at Studio PacificChiara Pellegrini at our agency NINE LIVES Entertainment and photos taken by Dimitar Aleksov Photography , and Laurie Stahlschmidt.

We love you all and will see you all soon again![Show slideshow]



February 25

GOD´s ARMY announces show in Belgium @ THE RAGANROK LIVE CLUB in Bree on March 10, 2019.
Click HERE for the Event…..


February 4, 2019

The next VMP show will be in Bulgaria, in Sofia on March 22nd.!
Get your tickets here!


January 26,2019

Some shots from last night’s concert at the “Thrash Speed Burn Festival III” in Oberhausen, Germany at the Kulttempel. 
Thank you Martin Sosna for bringing us up!!

We will be gearing up with more shows soon!! [Show slideshow]

Mark Cross
God´s Army
John ABC Smith
Mark Cross
God´s Army
God´s Army
Ian O´Sullivan


January 18, 2019

A last minute booking for GOD´s ARMY came in for February 25 to play at the “Thrash Speed Burn Festival” in Oberhausen, Germany at the Kulttempel. 
See you all there  ….


December 31,2018



November 13, 2018

Mark inked an endorsement deal with “Kelly SHU™ System Kick Drum Microphone Shock-Mounts”. Mark stated: “I am excited and very happy to use these great Mic mounts on my drums. This is a fantastic invention and everything a drummer truly needs on the road or in the Studio!”  

Facebook Product Page:


November 1, 2018

Thank you Avezzano, Italy for a spectacular show!!

VMP´s premiere Italian show in Avezzano has been a great success and we promise to be back in 2019.
Thanks to this incredible talented band, production, PHM Events, Chiara Masciovecchio and Diego Fiordigigli thank you for your hospitality and organisation.

Thanks to all the fans, new friends and all our supporters!! [Show slideshow]


Have a look at some of Mark´s latest drumming with the Vivaldi Metal Project!


October 12, 2018

Today God´s Army´s “Demoncracy” hits the streets!! 
Get yourself a CD or Vinyl in Black or English green!

The album can be ordered here:[Show slideshow]



October 5, 2018

God´s Army have released a new lyric video for “Before The Fall” and has reached over 22K so far….. Keep up with the clicks!  


September 29, 2018

Vivaldi Metal Project is excited to announce the participation in the next edition of Dokk’em Open Air!

The festival will take place on June 28th and 29th 2019. Tickets are now available via (weekend: € 42,- / day: € 28,-).
Follow the event at


September 24, 2018

Thank you Plovdiv! Blagodarya Bulgaria!
You’ve been amazing, we’ll never forget this epic evening and promise to be back.

© 2018 – photo by Zdravka Zlateva[Show slideshow]



September 21, 2018

Rock/Metal dynamic act God’s Army featuring current and former members of HelloweenAxel Julius ScannerFirewindOutloudVivaldi Metal ProjectJoe Stump’s Tower of Babelhave released a video for their first single “Free Your Mind”, from their upcoming second full length album ‘Demoncracy‘, out on October 12th, 2018 via ROAR – rock of angels records. The album will be available as Digipack CD, Black Vinyl & Green Vinyl (limited to 200 copies worldwide).

The video can be viewed here:

Get “Demoncracy” here:


September 12, 2018

More shows announced for VMP!
Italy, get ready for a spectacular evening …….

We’re beyond excited to make the announcement of the ITALIAN PREMIER of our Electric Show!

Organized by PHM Events, the concert will take place at the wonderful Teatro dei Marsi in AVEZZANO (L’Aquila) on October 31, 2018 – 21:00h.

Book your ticket now at:


August 30, 2018


Rock/Metal dynamic act God’s Army featuring current and former members of Helloween, Scanner, Firewind, Outloud, Vivaldi Metal Project, Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel will release their second full length album ‘Demoncracy’ on October 12th, 2018 via ROAR – rock of angels records.
The album will be available as Digipack CD and Black Vinyl (limited to 300 copies worldwide).
For more details click HERE

The album can be pre-ordered here:

Digipack CD track listing:

  1. You Are You
    2. Free Your Mind
    3. Enemy Maker
    4. Final Destination
    5. Games Without Frontiers
    6. The All Seeing Eye
    7. Before The Fall
    8. The Replicant
    9. Heroes & Demons
    10. My Way

Black Vinyl track listing:

Side A
1. You Are You
2. Free Your Mind
3. Enemy Maker
4. Final Destination
5. Games Without Frontiers
6. The All Seeing Eye

Side B
1. Before The Fall
2. The Replicant


John ABC Smith – Vocals/Bass guitar
Mark Cross – Drums/Backing vocals
Ian O´Sullivan – Guitar/Backing vocals
Eddie van Dahl – Guitar


August 27, 2018

Here is some Drum footage of Mark performing “Maniac” with Belgium band LOUDFIRE at Fox Rock Festival in Vossem, Belgium on August 24.


August 23,2018


Vivaldi Metal Project is extremely proud and excited to announce our ELECTRIC SHOW WORLD PREMIERE! The show will take place on September 23, 2018 in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and will be part of the eighth “Sounds Of The Ages” festival.
The antique Roman amphitheater will be the magical location of Vivaldi Metal Project’s “THE FOUR SEASONS” exclusive event!

Here’s the event page to join our epic show, see you in Plovdiv!

We are also extremely proud and thrilled to announce that the “The Four Seasons” ELECTRIC SHOW WORLD PREMIERE at the magnificent Roman Theater in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) on September 23rd will be filmed for a LIVE CD+DVD release!

This exciting package will be published by Pride & Joy Music in Summer 2019. Be part of this epic event!! Do not miss it! 

An event by Radio Tangra Mega Rock


August 19, 2018

God´s Army update!

We’ve been quiet for a long time, which means we’ve been busy! ……

God’s Army’s forthcoming, second album ‘Demoncracy’ has received the mastering treatment from none other than renowned audio genius, Ade Emsley of Table of Tone Studios, London, U.K.
Ade’s most recent credits include Iron Maiden’s ‘Book Of Souls’ and ‘Book Of Souls – Live Chapter’………



August 12, 2018


CD – Lake of fire – 12.00€
T-Shirt – Blue skull castle in S – M – L – XL – XXL – 25.00€ + 6,00€ – 8,00€ shipping[Show slideshow]


Shipping worldwide!


August 10, 2018

Joe Stump´s Tower of Babel set Italy on fire at the MIC Rock Festival in Villapiana on August 4th.
A massive thank you to the MIC Rock Festival, Salvador, Olimpia, Guiseppe and everyone who made this happen and helped pushing this band forward so far ….

The Classic Rock oriented Band featuring the “Shredlord” Joe Stump on Guitar, Mark Cross on Drums, Mistheria on Keytar & Synth, Nicola Angileri on Bass and the talented Ruben Sacco on Vocals announced, that there will be more shows towards the end of the year. Dates will be announced soon. 
Recordings for a new album are also scheduled for early 2019-

Visit the official websites at and[Show slideshow]



August 8, 2018

I´ll join Belgian Band LOUDFIRE for one show at the ROCK FOX FESTIVAL in Belgium, Vossem on August 24th to play some of the most known and wanted rock anthems! 
I hope to see you all there ….. 


July 24, 2018

I’m stoked to announce my participation in the Vivaldi Metal Project as a drummer for their live shows!

Three Years ago I recorded the drums on “Grande Madre” amongst 149 other incredible Musicians, the “Maestro” Mistheria, Atma Anur, Dani Löble, Alberto Rigoni, Rob Rock, Tommy Denander, Bill Hudson, Victor Smolski, Rick Wakeman and many more on this massive project “Four Seasons” released by Pride & Joy Music in 2016.
I am thrilled to say that today I am taking over the drum duties alongside the talented Maestro Mistheria, with whom I proudly also play in Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel.

Soon we will announce the winters hows in Europe!
See you all soon on the road!


July 16, 2017

Check out Mark´s new Vic firth custom stick with his signature!
Send us your request and you will be forwarded to our PayPal details until the MC Shop is fully working.

Buy now!!


July 4, 2018

Here are all the links to my endorsement profiles with Tama Drums, Evans Drum skins and Vic Firth Drum Sticks!! 
Enjoy the view …..[Show slideshow]

Vic Firth

                      TAMA                                           EVANS                                                 VIC FIRTH                                                 KELLY SHU


June 9, 2018

Joe Stump´s Tower of Babel announce their first show and festival on August 4 in Villapiana, Italy at the MIC ROCK FESTIVAL featuring Lacuna Coil, Elegy of Madness……

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