It was 1988 and V.Papaconstantinou was and still is one of the most popular Rock artists in the Greek music industry. His music and political views always drew a free spirited and wild hearted audience to his concerts.

Such an experience was new to me and I remember that we played about 30 shows in football stadiums during the summer of 1988/89 around Greece. Quite rough sometimes indeed, with fighting audiences and police interfering, heavy moshpits and harsh security around us.

It was the first time for me to perform in front of nearly 100.000 people at a show at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece. I think it was September 1989 or 1990??

Although I wasn't in his band anymore and just happened to be backstage to have .... some fun, they asked me to fit in because their drummer didn't show up! I had already passed a six pack and just wanted to see the show and there I was swinging my sticks on a foreign drumkit, Yehahhh.... but you know, somehow it always works!!!

Vasilis Papakonstantinou