Take 3 was truly an inspiring trio at the time! Mark and Nick (Bass) new each other from the Magna Carta sessions and Chris (Guitar) had been a childhood buddy of Nick.
You meet up with friends and jam and find out that the chemistry is right, the sense of humor overlaps and you grab a chance and go, hey, let's do this again. "Ladies and Gentleman..., we're about to give you first class love boat themes"
Nick always came up with the most amazing lines introducing a hot "Burn" as opener .....

"Enjoy your drinks and our lovely company, ....hello .... no, no, I'm not that kind of guy, ..... but 'em,...... great titts!" ... Here's a song called... Buuurrrrnnn!"And bang baby! Burn, Wayward son, Highway star, Blue Murder and many more good
A selection of some of the greatest classic rock tunes filled the tracklist and made them rattle snakes shake! That's what a trio is all about! Being loud, versatile, groovy and tight! Take 3....
I should call up these guys and do it again sometime! Let's see, both also become famous rockstars in Greece!!