Spitfires story began in 1985 when Elias Logginides started the band in Athens, Greece and landed a deal with EMI in 1985. As they where in the studio recording their first LP “First Attack”, their singer Dino got into a tragic car accident before the album hit the streets and stayed paralyzed. Bad luck indeed, because the album hit a high position in the Greek charts and is still ranked today as a classic masterpiece in Greek Rock history.

In 1986 they opened for Saxon in Athens and toured Cyprus and Greece. Years passed and the band suffered from many line up changes, but managed to record a live album in 1990 at two sold out shows at the legendary Rodon Hall in Athens, Greece. In 1996, which officially closed in 2003. in they
Spitfire didn't give up and made another attempt to get the fighter back in the air and opened two shows for Iron Maiden, hired Mark on drums and started writing new material. 12 new tracks were pre produced and some recorded, but were never finished or released, since they had no label interest and couldn't afford an entire production themselves.

They played a few successful shows in Greece until 1998. Reunited in 2004 they played a sold out show opening for Dokken at the Gagarin 205 in Athens, Greece.
The concert was recorded and filmed live but has not been released yet. Spitfire finally re recorded and released their long awaited album "Die fighting" with a different line up in 2009.