Outloud, formed in 2008 featuring Firewind members Bob Katsionis on Guitar and Keyboards and Mark Cross on Drums (Tainted Nation, ex - Firewind, Helloween, Kingdom Come ...), released their first album with 11 original compositions and their first video clip «We Run» by Frontiers Records in August 2009 and gained outstanding reviews from the international press.

The album was produced by Bob Katsionis and Outloud and mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, TNT ...) at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark. Both video clips of their hit singles „We Run» and «Tonite» (2010) were directed by Bob Katsionis, who owns his own video production company Progressive Vision Group. Bob also directed Firewind’s „Head up high», as well as one of Lauren Harris’ clip early 2009, Iron Maiden’s Bass player Steve Harris’ daughter.

"We Run" vote ranked #3 in Greek Metal Hammer's 2009 reader's polls in the BEST VIDEO CLIP category.

1.Rammstein: "Pussy" 14,2%
2.Paradise Lost "The Rise Of Denial" 9,9%
3.OUTLOUD "We Run" 6,5%
4.Heaven And Hell " Bible Black" 6,5%
5.Suicidal Angels "Apokathilosis" 3,3%

The album was also voted as “Best album of the year” in BW&K/ Bravewords.com and Melodic Rock, “We Run” as “Track of the day” in Classic Rock and “Breathing Fire” in the top 25 charts at #23 as top song on Chris Nelson’s Rock show on Rock 24.7 Phoenix Radio UK.

Garnering the band over 6,000 units sold worldwide, a successful headline tour of Greece in December '09 and ‘10, a TV appearance in front of more than 1 million viewers, 15,000 friends on their Myspace page and over 5,000 fans on Facebook, the band now is poised to take their unique brand of melodic hard rock to the world stage.

Since Bob’s and Mark’s busy schedule in Firewind froze in 2010 due to their guitarists busy touring schedule with Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind was forced to rest for a year and after recording the drums for FW’s recent album early 2010, Mark and FW parted ways due to personal differences and he decided to give all his focus to Outloud.

During the summer Outloud recorded their second album, which was produced by Bob Katsionis and mixed and mastered once more by Tommy Hansen. Now armed with their brand new album of 10 original compositions and 2 video clips, again filmed and edited by Bob katsionis for PVG (Progressive Vision Group), Outloud ensure a memorable performance both sonically and visually.
Songs like «Love Catastrophe», the magnificent «Falling Rain», «Clean Hands» the unique and modern sounding «Isolation Game» and amazing ballad «Someday» are just a few of the outstanding tracks Outloud will present with their new masterpiece.

Additionally, Outloud has developed into a strong and formidable live act and with Bob Katsionis and Mark Cross now being full time members and with 10 shows already under their belt in their native country Greece including 2 festival headlines and spanning 5 different cities. Outloud's style and approach to hard rock, as evidenced on their critically acclaimed debut album, continues with album #2, entitled «Love Catastrophe», which was released by AOR Heaven across Europe on July 27th and in Japan by Rubicon Music on August 17th..  

The band celebrated it’s release opening for Twisted Sister in Athens, Greece on July 12th in front of 1500 people. This November/December Outloud will play a few show across Europe.