Marco has been a longtime friend and I will always remember when I first saw him play Bass and sing at the La Vale Club in Los Angeles back in 1993. Now there he was singing and playing Latin Tunes blowing everyone away!

We were talking about playing together for many years., but time had never been on our side. we were both always too busy. Marco’s been busy with Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and Uncle Ted, I had a busy touring and recording schedule with Firewind, Outloud and others as well and Steve with his projects.
In 2010 we finally found some time, grabbed the chance and squeezed a few days into our busy schedule to support Marco's solo album "Live for tomorrow".

Marco, Steve and I rehearsed in Greece, did a few gigs and had a great time, I’m sure we’ll do it again in the future!!


Yes, we did it again, but this time in the UK!

October 2012 and six dates of heavy playing with Marco and the stunning Soren Anderson on Guitar. This guy rocked my world!!

PART III coming soon ....