Magna Carta first featured with two songs on the metal sampler "Greece Attacks" under the name Digital and Analog Dreams in 1988. At that time a band name hadn't been found and picked these just for fun, exactly at the time when technology started to switch from analog to digital.

In 1989 during the recordings of their first album they came up with the name Magna Carta, not knowing that there also had been an English band under the same name.

But it sounded awesome and the name Magna Carta had much to offer, great English history, the liberation papyrus of 1215, when the lords of England compelled freedom of speech for everyone.

MC were all outstanding musicians, John, who was born and raised in Montreal, Canada had a tremendous high vocal range! Geddy Lee?? Close! Being friends with Mahogany Rush in his early days he quickly learned how to also play the guitar and sing.

Pete was a virtuoso guitar player and dedicated most of his time to sound engineering and playing with new sounds, Nick played the Bass and had studied at the M.I.T. in Los Angeles vocals and orchestration, composition and harmony, and Mark had dropped off from sound engineering studies which he never finished and devoted himself 100% to drumming.

The four of them had known each other for many years and one could hear that in their playing. All their songs were first recorded in English, but the label MBI forced them to rerecord the entire production in Greek. Why? Nobody really knew and understood why, I guess it was another money laundry as so many other productions for the label caring less about the bands, their dreams and ambitions, even though singer John Patelis was Greek/Canadian and spoke less Greek than English.

Soon this decision led to confusions amongst them and the label and their career soon ended and was never heard from again, only left a good reputation in the Greek music scene and is still being talked about!

A few years later they talked about getting back for another album, but as time passed, they had all gone in different directions and the spark was definitely gone and remained in loving memories!

Then was then and now is now!