Former GALLOW’S POLE and AT VANCE Bassist John A.B.C. Smith founded GOD’S ARMY in 2004. Since then he was writing new song material and was looking for the right musicians to form this powerful band and insured the services of two long time friends, both on guitar, Ireland/UK session based Ian O’Sullivan and the Hamburg, Germany based Don Amiro. They started working on songs and recorded the first God’s Army takes in the winter of 2004. John met Mark Cross, former English/German drummer of METALIUM, KINGDOM COME and HELLOWEEN on tour with AT VANCE in May 2005.

Mark also had his own songs and lyrics, which were meant for his solo project and was also on the hunt seeking for musicians at the time. John’s and Mark’s ideas matched since they played and toured together. Their musical interest wasn’t much apart and combining ideas was the final push for GOD’S ARMY! 9 songs had been pre-recorded. Their music insured a powerful mixture of classic hard rock and metal and, not to be mistaken, they share no religious background or concept!

Their lyrics are about everything and everybody, and that message comes across in the band’s titled track God’s Army. Catchy hooks and melodies,, strong riffs and a pounding rhythm section with intention to take things away from typical European power metal and keep their arrangements simpler. Motorhead meets Maiden?

The track “I will survive” had been presented by German magazine Rock Hard in one of 2004’s winter editions, and GOD’S ARMY was then voted as the second best unsigned band. A few shows in Germany promised a good start, but soon led to an end!