In 1993 Mark probably joined one of the most bizzare projects ever.

Mike Rakintzis, a Greek known pop singer casted a rock band to team up with him and Deep Purple's frontman Ian Gillan who appeared as a guest on Mike's album "The way I like it" in Greek "Etsi M'aresei".
The song "Getaway" landed a single with some success on the European Market and was brought on the road in '93.
They played 3 big football stadium shows in 3 cities in Greece.

Mark also features in 2 video clips of Mike's solo album and in the concert which was recorded and filmed in Athens featuring Ian Gillan by TV Mega channel Greece.
There has been no official release of this Video until today, except local Greek broadcast!

L-R: Vangelis, Terry Mavredes, MP Mansell, Ian Gillan, Mike Rakintzis, Mark Cross, Al Dutton

"These are still great memories and moments to remember and working with Ian was very special for me. "