2013, a new year in Music Productions.

We proudly present CRP - Crossroads Productions, a Production Company which was founded by Mark Cross in 2009 and registered in the UK in 2012. 

CRP function in 4 sectors:

1. Recording and Production in corporation with two top equipped Studios in the UK.
2. Drum Tuition and Masterclass workshops
3. Drum Medical Care Center - The Drum Doctor
4. Backline rental & service

Mark leads the Drum programme, recording, editing and drum tuition.
It's 2013 and we are looking into the bright side of Music Productions and ignore the crisis of downloads and cheap sounding plugin productions.
Good sounding drums are of great importance to get your production to an ace level.
You don't have to be a famous Musician to work with famous Musicians, we are very keen to explore and share every opportunity with you and we'll be more than happy to record for you.

Pete Newdeck, the second man at CRP, also a drummer, songwriter and vocalist for the band Tainted Nation, is a mastermind in Vocal and Backing Vocal performance, but also in writing, arranging and editing. He is the leader of The Vocal Lounge program.
Our facilities provide high end analog and digital equipment in a great working environment! We want the Best and we work with the Best!!

The concept is simple!

If you are a producer, songwriter, established musician / band or someone who is looking to record his music and find a record deal, or perhaps found yourself at a dead end and need to add the missing parts, send us your files and we'll take care of the rest!


A: Mark Cross plays and records the drums for you.

B: Pete Newdeck records the backing/lead vocals for you.

C: arrange and produce your music.

D: can cast the best musicians to play on your music

E: sound design and orchestration

F: sampled sounds or real sounds

G: programming

H: edit and convert

I: mix and master

Our services are offered at very fair rates!!

Contact us:
P: +44 (0) 7935 593 527
E: enquiries (at)
W: (under construction ...)


Incorporated with:



Drum Recordings
Drum Editing
Sound design – samples and real drums
Drum tuition

Mark Cross, a known drummer and songwriter who has worked with bands like Tainted Nation, Firewind, Helloween, Kingdom Come and Ian Gillan records out of the well equipped Studio drum parts for Musicians, Producers and Bands worldwide.

Mark added: "The internet has made instant communication possible, as well as rapid file sharing to quickly complete productions. We can exchange files with ftp and email and deliver edited and great sounding drums for you. You don't have to be a famous Musician to work with famous Musicians, I am very keen to explore and share every opportunity with you."

Mark's longtime experience as a recording and touring artist, as well as a recording seminar tutor for SAE allows him to apply top playing, recording and mixing skills and bring your production to a world class level. Mark has also worked in the past with producers like Charlie Bauerfeind (Helloween), Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and Gary Moore), Kip Winger and Tommy Hansen.


Vocal recordings and arrangements
Backing vocal recordings and arrangements
Production – Mixing - Mastering
Orchestration and Arranging

Pete Newdeck, also a drummer, vocalist and songwriter is a master in vocal and backing vocal arranging, as wells as orchestrating and producing.
Pete has done much work in the past and present for artists such as Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper), Paul D'ianno (Iron Maiden), Steve Newman, Tony Mills (Shy, TNT), Eden's Curse, Tainted Nation and for producers Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), Neil Kernon (Dokken, Queensryche), Nick Workman (Vega) and Paul Sabu.

Pete added: "Our goal at CRP UK is to exceed every clients expectations, no matter if you are a pro or yet somewhat inexperienced. We are here to give you exactly that what you aimed for in your Music.
We can also help bring in other world class players to perform on a clients project."


Masterclass workshop

We offer an exclusive drum tuition program for beginners and advanced players, young students and Musicians who wish to learn a little bit more about how to become a pro Drummer and Musician.
Mark Cross has an extensive recording and touring history and has released more than 25 albums worldwide and is still a hard working studio and live drummer. Mark gives private lessons in the UK and performs drum clinics and workshops whenever asked!
He will teach you all the inside outs, rudiments and all tips and tricks one needs to know about the first steps to advanced drumming.

lessons (at)


Custom builds and designs
Paint jobs and graphic arts

How often have you experienced that your snare rattles, your screws are getting rusty, your hoop might have cracked, your cymbals are dirty or cracked and your drum doesn't tune properly anymore.
You keep asking yourself why and what do I do? Well, there are plenty of possibilities and surely need to be looked after.

We can give you a solution and fix all that. There is nothing that can't be done or repaired, unless it's totally broken.
We also can give your drum a new design, perhaps a custom built frame, do repaints on severe scratched toms, snares or bass drums and also add graphic designs and custom artworks to your drums and skins.

Please contact us about your enquiries and learn more information about our production services at


We offer a wide range of backline inc. Drums, Hardware, Guitar/Bass amps and cabs, Keyboards, Consoles, Microphones, Outboards & Effects, Road & Hardcases, PA and lighting for small to big events.
Website coming soon.....

backline (at)


CRP also offers booking services for bands and artists.

booking (a)

MC Crossroads Productions is a limited company based and registered in the UK c+p 2013