CD - Massacre Records 2013
Drums Recorded at Basement Studios, Athens GR, Guitars and vocals at PGN Studios UK and Bass Guitars in Sweden summer - winter 2010
Mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward in 2011
Produced by Pete Newdeck

More Catastrophe

EP - AOR Heaven 2012 - Rubicon Records Japan 2012
Recorded at PVG Stuidos in Athens GR winter 2011
Produced and mixed by Bob Katsionis

Too much ain't never enough!

CD – Perris Records 2012
Recorded at Studios Thessaloniki, Greece in October 2010 - February 2011
Mixed and mastered by Kip Winger in May 2011

Love Catastrophe

CD - AOR Heaven 2011
Recorded at Basement and PVG Stuidos in Athens GR summer 2010
Mixed by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios Denmark in October 2010
Produced by Bob Katsionis

Days of Defiance

CD/CD single / Vinyl limited edition - Century Media 2010
Drums Recorded at Zero Gravity Studios, Athens GR in January 2010
Mixed by at Finland 2010

We'll rock you to hell .....

CD - Frontiers Records 2009
Recorded at Basement and PVG Stuidos in Athens GR early 2009
Mixed by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios Denmark in July 2009
Produced by Bob Katsionis

The Premonition

CD/CD single/ Vinyl limited edition - Century Media 2008
Recorded at Fredmann Studios, Hyssna SE Nov/Dec 2007
Mixed by Frederik Nordstrom at Fredman Studios, Hyssna SE Dec 2007
Produced by Gus G, Firewind & F.Nordstrom


CD/ two CD singles - Century Media 2006
Recorded at the JM Studios, Mölnlycke SE Feb/Mar 2006
Mixed by Frederik Nordstrom at Fredman Studios, Hyssna SE Mar 2006
Produced by Gus G, Firewind & F.Nordstrom

Vox in Exelso

CD - Vox in Exelso - Escape Music UK 2006
Recorded and mixed at the JM Studios, Mölnlycke, SE Feb 2006
Produced and mixed by Martin Kronlund


CD - Redivivous - DCA Records 2006
Drums recorded at the Dump Kenley, UK by Chris Tsangarides and Mark Cross Aug/Oct 2004
Guitars, Vocals and Bass recorded at Smiley Studio Akron, Ohio USA Feb - Apr 2005
Engineered and mixed by Curran Murphy at Smiley Studios
Produced by Winters Bane and Curran Murphy

Rabbit don't come easy

Vinyl 2LP/CD Digi/Jewel - Nuclear Blast Records 2003
Tracks: Listen to the flies & Don't stop being crazy
Recorded at Mi Sueño, Tenerife ES - Sep 02/Jan 03
Produced and mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind

Hero Nation

Bonus CD - Massacre Records 2001
featuring Mark Cross recorded 26th Nov. 2000 Live at the 'La Latterie' Strassburg, F
Recorded by Bazement Mobile Recording Studio, DE

Metalian Attack Vol.I

VHS/DVD - Locomotive Music 2002
Includes comic book & bonus CD Live Strassburg, F
Recorded 26th Nov. 2000 Live at the 'La Latterie' Strassburg, F
Recorded by Bazement Mobile Recording Studio, DE
Engineered by Markus Teske
Mixed by Markus Teske & Lars Ratz
Visual material taken from the Tour 1999, offstage, recordings/rehearsals, “S.O.T.” tour 2000, Festivals Sweden Rock, Graspop & Wacken in 2001
Edited by Locomotive music

The keepers of Jericho
(featuring Metalium)

CD - Arise Metal Records 2000
Track: Ride the sky
Recorded at the Impuls Hamburg, DE - Jan/Apr 2000
Engineered by Jay P Genkel
Mixed by Jay P Genkel & Lars Ratz
Produced by Lars Ratz & Jay P Genkel

(featuring Metalium)

CD - Nuclear Blast 2000
Track: Another piece of meat
Recorded at the Impuls, Hamburg, DE -Jan/Apr 2000
Engineered by Jay P Genkel
Mixed by Jay P Genkel & Lars Ratz
Produced by Lars Ratz & Jay P Genkel

(featuring Metalium)

CD - Nuclear Blast 2000
Track: Thank you for the music
Recorded at the Impuls Hamburg, DE - Jan/Apr 2000
Engineered by Jay P Genkel
Mixed by Jay P Genkel & Lars Ratz
Produced by Lars Ratz & Jay P Genkel


CD Spitfire Records - Eagle Rock Entertainment 2000
Recorded at Elbdeich Studios, Hamburg DE & Toolhouse Studios, Bebra DE - Feb/Mar 2000
Engineered by Knut Kummert & Lenny Wolf at Elbdeich Studios
Engineered by Wolfgang Manns & Carsten Werner at Toolhouse
Mixed by Eric Greedy at Toolhouse
Produced by Lenny Wolf

State of triumph - Chapter II

CD Limited Digipack/Jewel - Massacre Records 2000
Vinyl LP Limited edition - Massacre 2000
CD Japan & bonus track - Avalon/Marquee Records 2000
Recorded at the Impuls Hamburg, DE - Jan/Apr 2000 Engineered by Jay P.Genkel
Mixed by Jay P Genkel & Lars Ratz
Produced by Lars Ratz & Jay P Genkel

Diva Futura

CD Limited Digipack/Jewel - Holy Records 1999
Recorded at Impuls Studios, Hamburg, DE - winter 1998
Engineered & mixed by Jay P Genkel
Produced by Nightfall & Jay P Genkel


CD Single 4 Tracks - Holy Records 1999
Recorded at Impuls Studios, Hamburg, DE - winter 1998
Engineered & mixed by Jay P Genkel
Produced by Nightfall & Jay P Genkel

Etsi maresi (The way I like it)

Vinyl LP & CD - Minos/EMI Records 1993
Recorded at Sierra Studios, Athens, GR - winter 1992
Engineered & mixed by Costas Kalimeris
Produced by M.Rakintzis & M.Matsas

Sex, Fights & Rock'n Roll

CD - MC-Beats Productions 2002
Recorded at Citi Studios, Athens, GR - winter 1991
Engineered by Jim Melegas
Produced & mixed by Mark Cross
Remastered at PMP Power Music 2002

Magna Carta

Vinyl LP - Music Box International Records 1990
Recorded at the Blue Moon Studio, Libra & Sierra Studios, Athens, GR Feb/Nov 1989
Engineered by Pete Lallis & Chris Manolitsis
Mixed & produced by Pete Lallis & Magna Carta


Vinyl 2LP/CD - CBS Records 1989
Tracks: Psema & Eimai ego
Recorded at Sierra Studios, Athens GR - 1989
Engineered, mixed and produced by Akis Golfides

(featuring Magna Carta as Digital & Analog Dreams)

Vinyl 2LP - FM Records 1988
Tracks: Androids & The Edge
Recorded at Priveé Studio Athens, GR - 1988
Engineered and mixed by Pete Lallis
Produced by Magna Carta

Time of growing Vinyl LP - R.I.A. Records 1985
Tracks: The Rain
Recorded at Sierra Studios, Athens, GR - Nov/Dec 1985
Engineered and mixed by Akis Golfides
Produced by D.Papadimitriou & A.Golfides

and more ...


Chris Dante - BMG Records
Anna Vissi - CBS Records
Nick Carr - CBS Records
Klika - WEA Records
Duo - WEA Records
Hara Argyropoulou - Minos/EMI Records
Vassili Papaconstantinou - Minos/EMI Records
Maria Polykandriotes - Eros Music
Sandy Pol - Sakkaris Records
Digital View - WEA Records
Alley - Unreleased
Spitfire - EMI
Casus Belli - Sound & Vision


Andreas Sophianopooulos
Theo Vassilopoulos
Aida Carras
Spiros Poros
Vagelis Valeontis
Chris Kissadjekian
Frederique Dore
Vagelis Prokos
Andreas Kess
Nico Wobben
Lisa Couldrey
Mark Goldberg
Maria Sakantani
Patric Ullaeus
Bianca Berger
Olga K.


Tadeu Grigolon


2012 - It's been a crazy and exhausting year!! We moved to the UK and I decided to leave all little projects behind and dedicate myself only to what's actually good for me and makes sense in my career. Times are tough and I had enough of working for others and not making any money. Thanks to Pete, Theo, Mr.Nash and his magic tool..... the Sledgehammer! I set up a new Business and needed 3 months to set up the new office, Studio and showroom. Russ Grimmett for being ace customer, and everyone for helping to set up CRP! The Monarch crew Davey Rimmer, Dan Panza, Luca Twitch, Stef and all the crazy blokes I met in London and jammed with sometimes.
The most exciting day of my life! July 4th, 2012: Dima gave Birth to our boy Anthony Cross at 8:06pm`!

!2011 - More hard work ahead, Greece is going down and am heading for new frontiers! Closing down CRP and moving to the UK! Outloud signs with AOR Heaven, hank you Georg, Phoebus and Elias at Spicy/ Rocka Rolla, Marina, Dimitra for setting up the Twisted Sister show, awesome effort!! My Big Ballz mates, Rich, Gkion, Mike and last Stergios who swings the Bon Scott sounds better than anyone I've heard before!! AC/DC songs are just awesome to play..... thank you!! Victor Berkan (Athens) and Nick Yagoudakis (Berlin) for a great sound on the road always!! Get ready, more shows to come ....The Revenge of Rock, always Stamatis for endless support to every band and all the things I've done, Spyros at Lazy, the BOXX in Ioannina, George Gakis for being more than a friends, but a brother! Thanks for inviting me to play on such a wonderful Rock album featuring Joe Lynn Turner a.o., Fotis Demertzis for giving me the perfect drum sound and Kip Winger for making it all sound better than before! A huge thanks to my Tank brothers and the War office in the UK, Cliff Evans, Mick Tucker, Doogie White, Chris Dale and Steve Goldby! Great playing and great laughs!! Looking forward to the upcoming shows and the new album!!...... Thank you Total Rock, Tina Saul and Mike Exley, now you won't get rid of me, I'll be around hauling on every corner! :) Tainted Nation live in the UK in October!! Thank you Mike ...... TO BE CONTINUED ...

2010 - Half a year off from touring due to leaving Firewind! Great to have some time and clear my head off from noizy Greeks and constant swearing! Working hard on Crossroads Productions, the Super Rally Harley Davidson Festival and the Hard Rock Cafe events! Thanks to Dieter Schmidt, Yannis Zisis, Roberto Mc Donald, Dimitri Armougis and everyone at Harley Davidson Club Hellas and everyone that helped!! Katerina Ginis and all the hard working bands at the Hard Rock Cafe Athens! July, Marco Mendoza, Steve Saluto and I are heading for a few gigs in Athens and Crete island. Late July I'm back in the studio with Outloud, time for album No.2!! A few weeks later drum recordings for another great band called Tainted Nation with Pete Newdeck on vocals and Pontus Egberg of the Poodles on Bass! Thanks to the Basement Studio once more, Chris, Mike, Bob and Stamos at backline.com. Also a huge thanks to the Colorado Club in Rhodes! Thanks to Mike Tachlambouris for flying me in for 30 + shows, the local band, Kate, Bairam, Angel, Gin, Harley Riders Anestis, Nico, Patsouris and the Rhodes Knights! The Bourbon Bar in Glyfada, Christo and Dimitri, Joker band, Nassos, Soundtruck, Nostos, Backtrackin', Chris Dantis, Dieter the local German :) and last Dima, who changed my life! Thanks to the Firefest and Fireworks magazine, Sue Ashcroft, Chris Nelson and everyone supporting Tainted Nation in the UK! Back in Greece on a very cold winter night we shot the new Outloud video "Waiting for your love"!! Brrrr...... :)

2009 - On Tour! Memory loss :) Ah, I remembered. At some point I recorded the drums for Firewind for free, since I was still considered to be a band member at the time. That's how Greek bands treat you!! Everything for free, but we are rockstrs playing VIP, oh yeah!! Fucking rude!

2008 - On Tour! Memory loss :)

2007 - World tour 2007: Mom, my lovely Evi B. & Virginia, Christo & the Basement Studio Athens, Mike B. at the "Bolero", Erik and Kelly Paiste, Andrew, Tim, Joerg and Dan at Paiste cymbals, always Marco at Vic Firth sticks for brilliant ideas (strobe led sticks) and great laughs, Mike Trimis, Yukihiro "Happy", Aaron, Jason and Mitsuaki "Mitch" at Tama drums, with who I recently signed a new deal, thanks for Starclassics and superb drums, you guys made this tour sound better than ever! Hugh at Evans, Thorsten Braun at Shure for your endless support, and Felix, Marcel & Henning for outstanding technology in in ear monitorings at "Compact Monitors Germany" and last Jim at Factory Metal percussion IN TAIWAN Sherry Lee and Dennis IN EUROPE George "Mr.Briggs" for sound, Phil Hills for lights, the Dragonforce MF's and Angra's, the crew, Andi Platte, Simone our driver, Alex for drum teching a few times, Dragon Productions, Leif, Gerrit and Steve and all at Century Media. IN THE UK, Sharon Richardson for truely believing in us, Adam "MF" Sagir, Dave Thorne, Duncan at the Cathouse Glasgow for the "LONG RIDE" supplies to Norwich!, Simon Jayes at the London Drum Company, Y-Not and our driver Sean and all the fans. IN TUNESIA Heshim, Adagio. IN THE USA Michelle, Dutch "Wallmart!"our driver, Hoss for taking care of things and Brandon "trello mouni" for a great sound, Mike my drum tech... who did I miss?
IN JAPAN Nozue, Atsuhiko, Yuka and everyone else at Avex Live Creative, K2 for chinese bombs, Yaggi my drum tech, Kaz at King Records and the Kamelot gang and crew.

2006 - (Firewind) Gus, Bob, Petro, Apollo, Martin at the JM Stuio, Mikkey, Diamond Dog, Sara, Marios, Buller and Bang, Snowy Shaw, The book of Heavy Metal, Frederik Nordstrom, Patrick Ullaleus, Tara, www.revolver.se, Maria for Photoshop stunts, Tama, Paiste, Vic Firth, Jim at Factory Metal Percussion, Evi, mom and my family, Kelly at Ballauf shipping and everyone in Gothenburg Sweden!Â
THE TOUR - Dragonforce, McT, Century Media, Paiste, Vic Firth, Gewa Germany, Remo, Hardcase UK, J.Walsh, Justin , Sean, Chris, Mark, Adam Sagir, Alex Z., Johnnie Allan, Dragon Productions, All that remains, Escoba Athens, my family and my wife Evi for every support one can get...Â

2006 - (Saracen) Rob Bendelow, Martin Kronlund, Buller and Bang, all at Escape and Paiste, the Da Vinci code for inspiration (the book), I dedicate this album to Cozy Powell - You will be remembered!

2005/2006 - (God's Army) My mom, Helmut, Evi B., Virginia, John Papamihail, Nick Battleroar, Mike K., Dyonisi, Percy, Gewa Music, Jim and FactoryMetal CrossBenderz, Ian, John, Don, Galactos Management & Martin Sosna, Jessie, Thomas, Jameson Irish Pub, Otti, Headbangers Ballroom HH, Zokk, Josic, , Rock Hard, Christine Stefan, Electric Eye, Mystic Prophecy, Paul Di'Anno and Firewind.

2005 - (At Vance) Mats, John, AFM, Nils, Rebecca, Eric Cerda for taking care of things, John Papamihail at the Studio, Brainstorm, Hille, Doninik, Voelle, Juergen, Michael, Bobo der "Fuehrer", Thomas Kreidner, Udo our driver, everyone at Paiste, Amptown Hamburg, Marco at Vic Firth, mom & Helmut, Electric Eye, John Patrick for my drum rack sound design, Maria for the ... photo shoot, The one and only "Psaro" Tavern Square Sushi, the de Prat bros, George Ioanou, Evi, Virginia, Boris & Spacken you know who!, Fu Jow Pai team Greece, System Graph for Power books, Macs, Macs and more Macs!!, Sandra, God's Army, Martin, Schmier, Rock Hard, Horst, Heavy oder was?, Battleroar, Axel, Sakis & Jim at Rock Hard Greece, Kickhunter, Matten, Rolli, Markus, Nibbs, Matjes, Arne, Henjo, and Gamma Ray and last all my fans that showed up at the gigs!! You rule!
... and last but not least that prick Olaf L. who still owes me money!! I will find you!!

2004 - (Winters Bane) Lou, Curran, Herr Koch, Eric Cerda at DCA, Chity Somapala, Simon Jayes for the UK Pearl support, David Philipps at Pearl UK, Johnnie Allan, Anna & Gus McRicostas London, Alex & Valerie, The Troubadour Earls Court, Churchill cars, The Embassy, Chris "Tsagaki" Tsangarides (Howdy doodie .... miss those tea breaks sir, Skordalia and Mezedakia), "The Dump", Tim Hole at Audio Authority Management, John Smith smooth and the local Pub, Bazz Ward at John Henry's, Chris Zorbas in GR at Sierra Studios for cable service, Matt Connors at Remo US, Marco Soccoli at Vic Firth, all at Paiste, Turnkey UK, Peter Lambert, Michael Bormann, everyone in Hamburg DE, Fairpack, Boris, Wolle "Das Tier", Headbangers Ballroom, Escoba, Alligator, Texas and Revenge Pubs in Athens, On the rocks, Jam, Island and Escoba on Naxos island, Simone and all lovely ladies that poured cool beer and drinks, you know who you are!

2004 - (Spitfire) Big Billy at the management, Stamos at Manos Backline, Chris Korbakis for rehearsal space, Spitfire Studio, Entyposi prints, Pano, Elias, Billy, George, radio 105.5FM, Evolution radio Elias, Mylos, Kiki my guide, now big (once little) George Rakintzis "will become a hell of a drummer!", Gus G, and all fans from wherever you came.

2004 - (Supremacy) Viva Brasil! Bill Hudson & family, Fernando Giovanetti, Juan Corral for booking and taking care of things, Bruna, Marina, Stephanie, Iara, the Dr.Sin boys, Radio Brasil 2000, Paola, Manifesto, Blackmore Bar, We Burn fanclub, Bohemia all the way!, Edu Falashi, Dani Nolden and her band, Hellion records, Vinicious and Cintia at TV Stay heavy, Ricardo, Airton and everyone at Rodie Crew and the Hudson family.

2003 - (Sick as a dog) mom, Helmut, Evi B. for being my biggest support, Doc Schrader, Sabina, Horst, Heavy oder was?, Bang Your Head, Mike K., Sierra, John Patrick, Jonas, Hugo, Matjes, George Ioanou, Escoba & Yanni D., Naxos, Nick at Jam Studio, Jim Patelis at Creatorx, Alex P., Dirty Lee at Power Music for giving me space to set up my battle station

2002 - (Helloween) Johnnie Allan at Sanctuary for taking care of things, Ian at Sonor, Danny, Eric & Kelly Paiste, Marco at Vic Firth, Thomas at Remo, Wolle in Hamburg, Mihalis & Eleni at the Dyonisos Tavern Hamburg, Harrie and Kay at the office, Lydl & Eva at Mi Sueño for cooking soups to get me well, all the medics - you know who you are, Tina and Marion, Charlie, Andi, Markus, Weiki, Joern and Sascha, Nataly and all the nice people I met in Tenerife, Axl and Bob for the recovery sailing trip support.

2002 - (Electric Eye) Piesel for a wonderful sound, O.O.A., Logo HH, Jackie Jacklite (rest in peace!) for our lights, Guenni, Jump, Monster Productions, Matt, Joerg, Rolli and Big M, Monica.

2001 – (Metalium festivals) My tech Dirk (Digger) Weiss, Robbie, Joerg and his Video Team, Jay P, Michel and Achim Koehler for sound.

2000 - (Metalium - S.O.T. Tour) my tech Dirk (Digger) Weiss, Stefanie at the office, Lloret de Mar (ES) for a nice chill, Yogi for an exclusive ride through Europe!, Ernst Seider, Richard Peach & Michel for sound, at Sonor Ian Croft & Karl Heinz, at Shure Thorsten Braun, at Hear Safe in ear monitorings Henning & Felix, at Paiste Joerg & Danny, at Vic Firth Marco, at TKL Tommy, at Shadow Josip, at Musik Meyer for Remo Thomas Barth and No1 in Hamburg, Carmen, Jeanette, Conny and Spanish heights.

2000 - (Metalium - Festivals) my techs Big M., Ulsch in Budapest, Monster Productions Hamburg, Stefanie, our bus driver Ernst (you're the safest), Karl H.Menzel at Sonor, J.Kohlmorgen at Paiste, Marco Soccoli at Vic Firth, Jay P in Hamburg, Yanni Stollas in Greece for Paiste support, Matt, Lars, Henne, Jeanette

1999 - (Nightfall) G.Karahalios for being my tech at the Rock Wave, crazy Manos for being runner, loader, driver & security, Manos backline for Sonor support. Big Star Promotions, Nana, Jay P & Rock Cafe in Hamburg, Phil, Geezer, EK, Mike G.

1997 - (Spitfire) Manos backline & Stamos for ADATS, Sonor support, backline, sound & lights. The Little Wing, Elias, Tasso, Alex, Gus, Theo at Magna Carta Studios and Iron Maiden.

1996 - (Take 3) thanks to our public relations we could make this pub tour through Attika and have a fab time. Chris, Niko Freeman & brother George Eleftheras, George Axarlis for PA and Chris Korbakes for backline support, Hxos & Camel club.

1995 - (Anonymous) Mike at the Opera, Julie Reese, Greg Carr, Vance Reese, Sino, Chris Voyatsis, Taki Drakopoulos, Dimi, Paul - our Danish sound guy, Chris Korbakes for backline, Iguana club, the Andros shows and everyone else involved.

1993 - (Gillan/Rakintzis) Axl Steck, my tech - friend and skipper, Sound Control, J.Papoutsakis & crew, Habib (rest in peace), Al Dutton, Phos & Ihos, Elias country boy.....& his brother Spiros, Mike , Al, Ian, Grace and B, MP Mansell, Terry, Vaggelis, Sascha, Fratze, the La Costa Bar Skopelos island, Greece.

1992 - (Bad Habit) M.Polychronakis & N.Manolias at Hellas sound and Concert Ltd. Fanny, Mike & crew for endless support, (Habib, stage tech & monitoring - rest in peace!) Billy Nikolarakos at Anosi and Rodon, Mike at the Opera, Vlassis Bonatsos for keeping the front row screaming and bangin' (Rest in peace brother!) MP Mansell, Terry, Vicky H., Joan Barrington, Eva Tselidou, Vance Reese, Vaggelis, Diana, Jack Daniel's, Heineken, Josë Cuervo, the Rock'n Roll Bar/Restaurant, Clown Bar & Pepi, and of course god for beautiful girls!

1990 - 1991 - (A.Vissi/N.Carr) Minas Polychronakis, Nick Manolias & Mike at Hellas Sound and Concert Ltd. Evi Vaiopoulou, Fanny, Mike & crew, Chris you crazy Aussie for our personal security and Jack Daniels, Nick Moran and Jason Trueman at Varie Lite, Big Al, Tony, Sino, George, David, Vasili, Sandy, Anna, Nico, Pam, Kate and all you Russian dancers we met during this tour for mental support - You shall be remembered!!! Beefsnake (rest in peace) - Lyricon for Tama & Aquarian support and Nakas for Zildjian and Vic Firth.

1989 - 1990 - (Magna Carta) Mike Nikoloudes, Rania Katsaiti, Chris Manolitsis, Blue Moon Studios, Vagelis Yannopoulos, John Patrick & Nicko Freeman for investing time to make this happen, Pete, John, Aida, and Fay for inspiration!

1988 - (V.Papaconstantinou) Alecos, Periklis, Sifkos & crew at Sound Express for sound and lights. Mania Mounia, T.Psomopoulos for booking and managing, Billy, Andreas, Stella, Vaggeli, Stella, Monika, Porto Rafti and Peter Lambert.

1986 - (Scraptown) Tony Carville at Northlight, Akis Golfidis, Robert Seto, the Aganian family in Cannes (money is not the problem!), Massut, Duvallier and his bodyguards, the Firuzeh, Thierry the cook, Patrick en Grasse, Miriam and the funkiest clothes I've ever seen and the Cote d'Ázur (F) local guides., Mike, Vivi, Lena, Billy and Papashock (rest in peace!), the Don Juan, Tanya and Fay!
1984/85 - (D.Papadimitriou) - Dimitri Papadimitriou, Akis Golfides, Sandy Politi, Julie Massino, Sierra Studios, the Kramers and the Don Juan, Pete Lallis, John & Jimmy Patelis, Mustang and Tomas de Prat for Snare drums, Theo and Lope.


All Access
Alligator - Athens
Audio Sound
Backstage - Hamburg
Bang your head
Blue café - Bournemouth
Bobby's - Glyfada 1986
CMM Promotion
Concert Ltd
Cult - Hamburg
Dacascos - Wedel
Dollhouse - Hamburg
Don Juan - Athens 1985
The Dump
Dyonisos Tavern - Hamburg
Embassy - London
Escoba - Athens/Naxos
Fu Jow Pai - Athens
Goldies - Hamburg
Headbanger's Ballroom - Hamburg
Hear Safe
Heavy oder was?
Hellas Sound
Henry J.Beans - London
Impuls Studios - Hamburg
The Jam - Naxos
Jam Studio - Naxos
Klotz a.i.s.
The Lion's Ben Kramers - Kifissia 1985
The La Costa - Skopelos
Logo - Hamburg
London Drum Company
Manos Backline
Maybach - Hamburg
Meisenfrei - Hamburg
Mi Sueno Studio - Te Tenerife
Monster Productions - Hamburg
Metal Hammer DE
Metal Hammer GR
Meisenfrei - Hamburg
No1 - Hamburg
On the Rocks - Naxos
Opera - Glyfada 1994
Power Music Productions
Musik Meyer
Rainbow - Sunset
Revenge of Rock - Athens
Rock cafe - Hamburg
Rock Garden - London
Rock Hard
Rock on
Rock Wave
Sanctuary Group
Sierra Studios
Soho Bar - London
Stollas SA
Sussex Inn - Athens
Sweden Rock Festival
Texas - Athens
Tittmann's Drum & Sax Studio
Trimis Instruments
Vic Firth
Whiskey - Sunset
Zwick - Hamburg


My mom Victoria for every support there can be, my love Dima and Anthony, Ani, Todor, Evi B., Virginia B., Richard Cross (wherever you are), Axel Steck, Dimitri Creatorx & John Patelis, Jay P.Genkel, E.Logginides, Al-x, Gus McRicostas, Tasso Gripeo, Terry Mavredes, Vance Reese, Manos MP Mansell, Maria, Davis, Casus Belli, Panos Arvaniti, George Ioanou, Matten Lange, Henne (Wayyyyyypp!) Basse, Lars (Mr. very very..) Ratz, Stephanie, Lenny Wolf, EK, Mike G., Ian Gillan, Al Dutton, Neil Peart, Markus Grosskopf, Andi Deris, Sascha Gerstner, Michael (Weike) Weikath, Harrie Smits, Kay Schwichtenberg, Lydl, Evahausen, Johnny Allan, Rolli Feldmann, Joerg Wesenberg, Sven (Langer), Sabina, TM Stevens, Sascha Ainberger, Digger, Big M, Ian Croft, Karl Heinz Menzel, Joerg Kohlmorgen, Erik and Kelly Paiste, Ted Voellmy, Danny Zimmermann, Heiko Braeuer, Josip Marinic, Henning Saebetzki, Felix (Magic technician of in ears), Tom Barth, Thorsten Braun, Vasili Papakonstantinou, Anna Vissi, Nick Carvelas, Nico Memmos & Mike Triantafilou (Fu Jow Pai), Dasos Efstathiades (Dacascos), David, Bob, Olli Otto, Wolle – Das Tier!, Rosi, Lope (Mori!), Sissi 1&2 the other Mori, figure out which one :-), Girls!, Local guides?, V.Yannopoulos, M.Nikoloudes, Rania Katsaiti, Carmen, Marion, Erika, Henjo Richter, AC, Jack (it’s all Frost’s fought!) Frost, Chris Cafferey, Jon Oliva, Jeff Plate, John B. Middleton, Crazy Gary, Ed Taz, Hassan, Jet Li, Mike Blitziotes (Opera Club Athens), The Doctor, Diana, Don Juan 1982-1985, , the Kramers, Kifissia!, Tom Youngblood, Mama Dee, Wolfgang Rott, Marco Soccoli, Chris Korbakis, Gilda, Panos, Eddie “my damn dentist” Farmakis, Billy “Dirty” Lee at Power Music and Jimakos, Melanie, Steve, Randy, Hoshiro, Bobby's Glyfada, Mykonos, Greg Carr, Mr.John Patrikareas, Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, The Freeman brothers Nicko & George (Fili gia panda), Nataly, Jeanette in Hamburg, Cathy, Sharon, Mel in London, Sabina Classen, the Escoba (Naxos/Athens) team, Yanni D., Christo, Stelio, Nick, the De Prat brothers, Steve, Mike Kyriakides, Alex P., Maria S., Lou, (Howdy doody) Eric, Alex, Curran, Nibbs, Matjes, Chris Tsangarides, Simon, Alex & Val, Chiara, and many more… you know who you are!

And last a huge hug to my fans, wherever you are!