Mark was born in London, England on August 2nd to an English father and German mother and grew up in a musical environment and was given a pair of sticks when he was six. More seriously he looked into drumming at the age of 9, when he got his first drum kit.
Greatly influenced by Jazz and Rock drummers of the 60's and 70's, he managed to develop his own style and mainly points out Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, Pierre Moerlen and much much later Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa to be some of his idols. Ian Paice and John Bonham where probably the ones responsible to set him onto the rock path. Also with listening to Brian Downey, Neil Peart, Cozy Powell, Nicko McBrain and Simon Philips, he surely carved a stone.

Mark grew up in 3 countries and speaks fluent English, German, Greek and some French. Over the past 28 years he has been working as a professional Musician with known bands and artists, who gave him great reputation in the international music industry as a musician and as a drummer.

Bands in his roster such as legendary metal bands HELLOWEEN and METALIUM, Deep Purple's frontman IAN GILLAN, gold sellers KINGDOM COME, British classic rockers SARACEN, Greek Metallers FIREWIND,, melodic Rock outfit OUTLOUD, Whitesnake's and Thin Lizzy's (Now Black Star Riders) Bass player MARCO MENDOZA, NWOBHM pioneers TANK and most recently US AOR kings HARDLINE, but also working with known Producers Chris Tsangaredes (Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen ....), Charly Bauerfeind (Helloween, Blind Guardian, Molly Hatchet, Saxon ....), Frederik Nordstrom (In Flames, Arch Enemy, Firewind....), Kip Winger (Winger, Alice Cooper ... ) and Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids ...) have left a great mark in his career.

Having worked as a Bar Tender, DJ, Studio engineer and Security Guard in his early days, he later became owner of three business', a recording Studio and Rock Bar back in the 90's and in 2009 he founded the Artist/Event agency Crossroads Productions, which he recently relaunched in the UK as a Production Company offering recording, drum tuition, tour services and backline hire. Click here!

Over the years he has toured the world making thousands of friends and fans.

Mark added: "Playing drums has and will always be my baby! I love being on the road and love sitting behind my kit doing what I do. Sitting in the office doing other things to keep the money coming has become a pain in my ass!! :) It would be a great idea and benefit for all, if the industry announced the return of Vinyl!"

From his early days playing in small town bands he made it to top acts in the industry, went through the usual ups and downs in life and landed more than 30 Studio albums until today, several guest appearances, live recordings and 2 DVD's. Mark managed to stay busy and still records and tours.

In 2010 Greek Rock singer GEORGE GAKIS' invited Mark to play on his third solo album «Too much ain't never enough», on which he drummed 9 songs except for two, which were played by Bobby Rondinelli and James Kottak. "Too much ain't never enough" was produced and mixed by Kip Winger, released by Perris Records in 2012 and also features Joe Lynn Turner, Greg Smith and legendary Greek Guitar player of Socrates Yannis Spathas.
Unfortunately it is another underrated album that never made it to the wide public, but a MUST hear and buy for every classic rock fan!! www.georgegakis.gr

In 2011 Mark fit in as the tour drummer for NWOBHM veterans «TANK» and rambled across Europe and in 2012 with Marco Mendoza and Soren Andersen across the UK.

Mark's new band is called TAINTED NATION, the UK based already much talked about modern rock sounding band featuring Pete Newdeck on vocals, Swedish glam rock darling's «The Poodles» Bass player Pontus Egbert, Grim Reapers Guitarist Ian Nash and Fury's Guitar player Joel Peters!

The band started playing their first shows in the UK in October 2011 and later signed with German Management Rock'n Growl and Label Massacre Records in 2012. Their first CD F.E.A.R. was released on January 25, 2013. The band toured Spain, the UK and a few festivals in 2013!

Mark lives in the UK near London and gives private drum lessons and workshops whenever asked.

'Bon Scott said: It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock'n roll…… bloody right he was! There were times when I felt like kissing show biz goodbye and do something else.
I truly thank those who kept me away from these thoughts and believed in me! It's 2013 and I am proud to say that I am still having a lot of fun in making music and playing the drums, although the music industry is at stake and hardly pays the bills, but I always find a way to keep myself in swinging moods!
Peace my friends, stay off drugs, be rock, have fun and get laid as much as you can, enjoy life and you will be the one who'll make the next generation swing!
If you're a musician, and you believe in your abilities, never give up and your time might be just around the corner!'

Cheers, the PFC!!




Jan - Tainted Nation releases F.E.A.R. on the 25th
Feb - tainted Nation launches 1st video clip of "Loser"
Mar - Tainted Nation Tour dates announced
Apr - Sep - UK Dates
Oct - Spain Tour
Oct - Headline show with HARDLINE
May - Dec - Sunday Rock shows with Metalworks in London, Camden
Dec - Tainted Nation release 2nd video clip of "Dare You" exclusively on Clasick Rock


- October - UK Tour with Marco Mendoza and Soren Andersen
- March – Tainted Nation signs with German management Rock’n Growl and Massacre Records.
- Feb – Japan release Outloud EP.
- Feb – Release of George Gakis’ albnum “Too much ain’t never enough”.


- October – European shows with Tank and first 6 UK dates with Tainted Nation.
- September – European shows with Tank.
- September 1st – Release date for Outloud with bonus tracks on iTunes USA.
- August – Festival shows with Tank.
- August 27th – Release date for Outloud’s “Love Catastrophe” in Japan on Rubicon Music.
- July 27th – Release date for Outloud’s “Love Catastrophe” in Europe on AOR Heaven.
- July 12th – Outloud show with Twisted Sister in Athens Greece.
- July 8th – Release date for Outloud’s “Love Catastrophe” in Greece on RockaRolla.
- March – drum recording for Greek band “Keano Mores”, joined NWOBHM pioneers “Tank”.
- January – June – shows with “Big Ballz” AC/DC tribute and “Slide it in” Whitesnake tribute.


- November – Outloud shows.
- October 12th – special guest app. with George Gakis at Scorpions show in Athens GR.
- October 18th – SAE recording seminar with Chris Tsangaredes.
- October 12th – one week drum recordings for George Gakis’ new album.
- September – pre-production + drum recording for Outloud’s “Love Catsatrophe”.
- July – August – “Colorado Nights in Rhodes” special guest app. with Mark Cross.
- July – pre production + drum recording for Tainted Nation.
- June – Marco Mendoza shows.
- May – Outloud shows.
- March – Mark spilts with Firewind.


- December – Outloud – “We’ll rock you to Greece” Tour.
- October – Pre production and drum recordings for Firewind’s “Days of Defiance”.
- September – Drum clincs.
- August 28th – Outloud’s first release by Frontiers Records.
- May – August – Firewind UK Tour + European Festivals.
- February – drum recordings for Outloud’s first.
- January – Firewind’s postponed Greek and Bulgarian shows.


- November/December – January 2009 – “Live Premonition over Europe Tour”.
- September – Firewind UK Tour.
- June – July – Firewind Festivals.
- May – June – Arch Enemy Tyranny and Bloodshred USA tour – Firewind.
- April – May – Firewind European Tour.
- January 12th - Live listening party for the press + Live Premonition DVD recording in Thessaloniki Greece.


- Winter – pre production + recordings in Sweden of Firewind’s “Premonition”.
- September – October – Firewind USA + Japan Tour.
- January – August – Firewind European Tour + Festivals.


- November/December – Firewind European tour.
- October - Firewind Asian tour.
- June - release of "Allegiance" and "Falling to pieces" CD single.
- March - August - Festivals.
- February - recording of Firewind’s album“Allegiance”.
- February - recording of Saracen album "Vox in Exelso"- Jan/Feb - recordings of God's Army.


- December - shows with God's Army - DVD live recording- launch of new band God’s Army.
- September 26 – SAE recording seminar.
- Summer – joined Greek band Firewind.
- July/August - recording of Hugo’s Cross fusion project.
- April 19 - May 6 - European Tour with At Vance "Inside the Monster" Tour *Brainstorm".
- April 11, release of At Vance's new CD "Chained" by AFM Records.


- August/October - Drum sessions in the UK for Winters Bane's new CD. 
- Summer - Writing material for solo project.
- May - shows with Spitfire.
- March - SAE drum clinics.  


- December - Recordings for Mike Kyriakides’ solo project in Athens Greece.
- September 8th!!! Doc’s health letter!! Now it’s time to work up again!!
- May 12th - release of "Helloween's "Rabbit don't come easy" by Nuclear Blast records.
- 10 months being sick as a dog!!! Recovering and parted ways with Helloween!


- Rest of the year, my worst nightmares came true!!! Caught Mono!!
- September - drum recordings with Helloween.
- July/August - several gigs with Electric Eye (Judas Priest Tribute)   
- June - Pre Production of Helloween's "Rabbit don't come easy". 
- January – June – listening and practicing Helloween songs.


- November - Video & DVD release of Metalium's 'Metalian Attack - Part I by Locomotive Music including a 6 track live CD from the S.O.T. 2000 tour.
- September - parted ways with Metalium and joined German pumpkins Helloween.
- Festivals in the summer with Metalium.   


- October 14th - Kingdom Come "Too" release by Eagle Rock Entertainment" - Spitfire records.
- October - December, Metalium's "State Of Triumph" European tour.
- June - July, festivals with Metalium.
- August – Metalium release Japan by Avalon/Marquee. USA by Pavement records.
- Metalium release dates in Europe: 26th of June by Massacre records.
- March – Drum recordings for Kingdom Come's 8th studio album "Too". 
- January - Drum recordings for Metalium's second album "State of triumph, chapter II".


- Winter - Shows In the south of Europe with Nightfall.
- Summer - Festivals  "Rock Wave Athens".
- June - moved to Germany and joined German- American power metal band Metalium.  


– November - drum recordings on  Nightfall's  fourth album "Diva  Futura" in Hamburg, Germany.
- Summer - Spitfire Tour.  


- Joined Greece's best-known hard rock band Spitfire. Recordings at Magna Carta studio.  


- Played with cover bands (Anonymous - Take 3) for two years and joined a bar business on a Greek island.


- Returned to Greece and built the recording studio Magna Carta.  


- September - moved to Los Angeles, USA.
- Summer – Tour with with Mike Rakintzis featuring Deep Purple's front man Ian Gillan. 
- February - Recordings with Mike Rakintzis featuring Deep Purple's front man Ian Gillan. 


- He took some time off to get a band together and formed the band Bad Habit, who opened for the Ramones and played the Gillan/Rakintzis shows the following year.  


- Early 1990 he released and parted ways with Magna Carta and joined Greek pop star Anna Vissi & Nick Carr for a period of two years. 
- 98 shows at the REX Theatre Athens.
- 21 shows in Salonica.
- 75 sold out stadium shows around Greece.  


- Writing, recording & release of first album of Magna Carta
- Returned to Greece and performed with local popular rock artist V.Papaconstantinou on 35 shows across Greece. 


– Explored the German music market.


- Scraptowns third release, featuring the no 1 hit single “Viva Sahara”. Promotion & club tour through the Cote d’Ázur, France.  


- First professional recording on a movie soundtrack entitled "Time of Growing", featuring Julie Massino, composed by D. Papadimitriou.  Joined the Greek rock band Scraptown.
- Basic training in sound engineering at the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Vienna AUS for 6 months and started working as a part time engineer at Northlight Studios in Athens, Greece.  


- Slowly established himself in the Greek Music industry.


- Established himself in jamming at Pubs and basements drinking beer with friends.  


- Recorded first own demos.


- Formed own band and played High School gigs.