In 1991 when Mark was working with Anna Vissi at the Rex Theater in Athens, Greece, he became close friends with Vance Reese, an American guy, who sang and danced at the show with a trio called "The International Connexion". Both had the same musical interests and soon started the band along with guitarist Tony Kontaxaki and bassist Alex Douglas (former Douglas) RIP.

Alex played the bass on Bad Habits' first recordings in the studio, before he got replaced by Terry Mavredes, a young cat who fit perfectly! Mark and Vance took the idea of Bad Habit very serious and started looking for new blood with talent and devotion. The first weeks seemed endless and frustrating, though they received many calls and demos from many musicians, but definitely not the ones they wished for. Finally one day the phone rang and a friend said, that some band was rehearsing in a studio downtown and their guitar player seemed to be exactly what they were looking for.

Hell, that's right, there was this guy, just 20 years old, long hair and good looking, had the right moves and looks and played like a god. It didn't take long to convince Mr.Mansell to join the band. Terry Mavredes on Bass, who was known for previous activities in local bands and misbehavior, was the next man to join Bad Habit and last, Vangelis Petrakis on Keyboards, who completed this extraordinary lineup.
A perfect match, the five of them had perfect chemistry and caused nothing but trouble in Athens and had a lot of....fun!

Their music was a mixture between Hard glam rock and a funky progressive touch compared to dan Reed Network at the time. They recorded 8 songs at the Citi Studio in Athens, played several shows as support to the Ramones, on a few festivals and a few shows on their own, but never got signed. Vance left at some point to Sweden, came back to Greece for a while and finally moved to England in 1996 and opened the well known hang out "Café Blue" in Bournemouth, while the rest of the band joined the Gillan/Rakintzis project in 1993.

In 1994 they continued with with their recordings in the studio with Kip Gregory on Bass, while Terry devoted his time to his studies in journalism.These recordings were remastered but never released.