The "I wish, I had never done Tour"

One of the most embarrassing experiences in my career!!

It was the first job after my illness and splitting from Helloween, imagine, Olaf Lenk put me on an audition to overdub drums on “Don’t tell me” to make sure I was good enough to join his band!! At first I thought, wtf so what, the guy doesn’t know me and it’s easy stuff anyway, but when we started touring he picked on me as no good!

Well, day 2 turned out that I was ready to pack my gear and leave before kicking his sorry ass, but that would had caused too many problems for everyone involved, the promoters, for Brainstorm and everyone in AV would have lost their hard earned moneys.

Fair enough, I am enough pro to realize that you can do a job without becoming best friends and just asked for a simple “Please stay out of my way and let me do my job!” Unfortunately I was the one losing some cash and didn’t get paid for all travel expenses, but you know, an old rite says….. In one life you see each other always twice!!

The result was that he was left on his own now but soon found other ways to piss everyone else off! No wonder that during his solos his guitar sound sometimes disappeared and was standing in the dark on stage and ended up posing by himself for good 25 shows!! No wonder!!

It’s bloody hard to work with someone who doesn’t really want to be there! Some people just don’t belong into this business and there are far too many trying to play rockstars, this is not just a job…. It’s a FUCKING ADVENTURE!!! The next time please, pleaaaaaase stay at home with the kids, the family, the dog, the Hamster …, start working at Tescos or something like that, but stay away from a tour bus!

Being on the road with AV had only one privilege and that was meeting and working with Brainstorm, TM Bobo, Mr.Smith with whom we later tried out the misfit “God’s Army” and singer Mats Leven, who became a good friend! TM Bobo left his mark and said what had to be said the last day of the tour!! Please read above!

Before I forget, although the label found it cool to use my likeness and name as drummer on the CD, I want to let you know that I never hit a single note on the album. It features Running Wild's drummer.